REVEALED! "The Secret Codes of the Voice in the Zohar"

ABOUT Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman
Vocal Pedagogue/Re-constructionist, Author, Lecturer, Fine Artist, Poet

Miriam Jaskierowicz was born in post war Germany to parents who had survived the concentration camps. Her family immigrated to America in 1962. Miriam was educated in both the USA and in Europe. She has live More...



Vocal and Spiritual Education and life changing learning; Voice Technique and Vocal Re-construction - as it relates to the Source of Knowledge - understanding, that what is being taught today is not, and has nothing to do with real Vocal Technique, Real Bel Canto and accounts for the destruction of the great talents we have today in every genre of voice. 4 books later, hundreds of students around the world - HERE IS THE SOURCE - of where it all comes from, demonstrated and revealed - Here is the opportunity to change your Life forever - if the 'Voice', if the longevity of the Voice, means anything to you - Here are the answers - (there are 4 books "The Voice- A Spiritual Approach to Singing, Speaking and Communicating - The Kabbalah of the Voice" ) The choice of course is yours - the information is yours for the learning and the Voice is yours for Sharing.

World Renowned International Vocal Pedagogue and Re-Constructionist, reveals the 'Source' of her past four books "THE VOICE: A SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO SINGING, SPEAKING AND COMMUNICATING"; The Kabblah of the Voice being the last in the series and the forerunner to "THE CODES". Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is named as the co-Author of this book. It is essentially His work "The Zohar" , which Arman uses as her Source Document, decoding it , using the principals of "Giro Vocal Motion Technique", of which she is the Originator . This work must once and for all dispel any doubt, that the Techniques used by Voice teachers and Vocal Coaches, by ENT's and Speech Pathologists today, are of relevance in constructing or re-constructing vocal instruments. The true BEL CANTO (beautiful singing) which is, in reality, the coveted Voice Production of the Levites of the Beit Hamigdash (the Temple), has been REVEALED once again and is now available to those genuinely desirous of bringing back "SONG" and "SPEECH to the level which Rabbi Shimon outlines as BELOVED TO HASHEM (G- D). The connection is Eternal. When the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans, the secrets of the Voice became part of the bounty of the Empire and served as a foundation for classical singing which in turn mothered all other forms of vocal expression: Opera, Pop, Soul, R&B; in short even Rap (speak/sing) comes from there. The "Codes" dialogue between Rabbi Shimon and Arman, taking direct passages from the Soncino Translation of the Zohar (English) and explaining them in relationship to 'Giro Vocal Motion Technique", which has been described and taught by Arman in her previous books and teachings for 35 years internationally. Without the 'Codes" no one, not even the greatest experts of the writings of the Zohar, could comprehend the 'hands on technical vocal information' which Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai lays down in cryptic, mystical terms; they become however crystal clear when combined with the expositions and explanations of Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman. This is not a book designed for the fainthearted, or the speed readers - This book pronounces truths which were held since the 2nd century when Rabbi Shimon wrote the 'Zohar' and which today are REVEALED in the contexts of our daily lives. They open the doors to the complete understanding of the vocal greatness of the Levites and make their knowledge attainable to those truly interested and dedicated to the Vocal Arts. Let it be said that we all need this knowledge, because both singing and speaking use the same instrument; the abuse of either can also destroy it. Age is not a factor - old is young, broken will be fixed to be better than ever. The unnecessary use of vocal cord surgeries, Botox injections and steroids will be all but wiped out. This work was originally indicated to serve the Jewish Community - Rabbis, Cantors, Singers, Actors, Entertainers, Yeshiva Students, Teachers etc. However, due to the increasing demand by the non-Jewish community for this work and it's teachings, the Author followed the directive of the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM that it is our mission as Jews to be the "Lamplighters of the World".