Forbidden City: Braeden the Barbarian

ABOUT Albert Gallant

Albert Gallant
A former screenwriter turned to novels.



Author A.J. Gallant opening line of his latest action-packed fantasy novel is perfect. "The desert was as deadly as she was beautiful." This is no ordinary desert, rather one with changing shapes, scorpions the size of horses, and giant 36 foot snakes that pop up from under the sands and can swallow a camel whole and snap a man's body in half. It’s a magical desert that shows no mercy to the mighty barbarian Braeden as he crosses it on his horse, Finn--not your ordinary horse. The warrior is a magnificent, muscled specimen weaned on swords and sorcery, perhaps enough to conquer the she-devil desert--perhaps not.

Meanwhile Azalea, a warrior as beautiful as Braeden is handsome, makes her way across the desert and comes across a small enchanted village with its own resident witch. The Red Dragon tattooed on her signifies that she is more than just a pretty face.

Braeden and his sarcastic friend, Zack are searching for The Forbidden City while Azalea is on her own quest equally as treacherous and she rides alone--well almost. An exceptionally smart Siamese cat tries to lead her to safety; surely a magical cat, who leads her through bizarre and strange places as the warrior pursues her quest.

Author A.J. Gallant writes a fast-paced fantasy filled with giants, witches, spells, a neurotic dragon, and just about everything readers enjoy in this genre. His characters are realistic, at least the human ones, and readers are drawn into this story. While YA's will love this book, the excessive violence, sex and profanity make it better for adult reading, especially with the author's penchant for sardonic, dry humor.