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Lakyshia shelton



sometimes I wonder if people really believe in unconditional love!? It’s so many twists and turns to love, there’s no reason to rush it because when you are just looking for love anywhere you can, then trust me you are always going to be lost. Some people may say love doesn’t suppose to hurt, while other people may say pain is love. I feel like in the middle still learning about love. I can tell you this, if you find yourself unsure of a decision you may have made and it’s hurting you. Guess what, fix it don’t walk around like you are happy but in all reality you’re not. Love is supposed to be fun, romantic, caring, feeling and communicating. Do not get me wrong every relationship has its ups and downs, but when you find yourself arguing every other day and neither one of you is working, yes things are going to be bad but either y’all take a break and get time to better yourselves then go back and give it another shot.