Spitfire Glory: The Wartime Flying Life of Leif Lundsten

ABOUT Tor Idar Larsen

Tor Idar Larsen
Tor Idar Larsen, født 8. desember 1980 i Gjøvik, er en norsk forfatter med flere utgivelser som omhandler flyhistorikk og andre verdenskrig. Larsen er utdannet ved Høgskolen i Lillehammer, og arbeider til daglig som konsulent.   2009: Gladiator – Finn Thorsager, fra jage More...



Major Leif Lundsten flew hundreds of Spitfires during the Second World War. As a fighter pilot with 331 Squadron and test pilot with Vickers-Armstrong, he strapped on as many as seven different marks of Spitfires. All the way from the early mark II up to the rare, brutal XII version.

Following Lundsten’s career as a fighter pilot through the War, all the Spitfires he flew are covered in this book along with descriptions of his sorties. Behind every Spitfire there is a story to be told. Stories of brave heroism, tragic deaths or determined resilience. Many of the Spitfires disappeared quickly, shot down by Luftwaffe fighters. Others ‘lived’ longer than our hero did, and still exist today, becoming legendary Spitfires on their own. The author pays tribute to a forgotten Spitfire hero, a gallant and brave man that did his country proud. Time and time again Leif Lundsten took a Spitfire to the air, whether it was an air-test or to meet the Luftwaffe in a dogfight over the channel. He never lived to tell his story, but the stories of the Spitfires he flew remains. This is Leif Lundsten’s legacy.