Footprints in Obscurity: A Living Story

Footprints in Obscurity: A Living Story

ABOUT Author Pramudith Rupasinghe

Author Pramudith Rupasinghe
The Sri Lankan author PRAMUDITH D RUPASINGHE is considered one of the emerging authors of our times. His books have sold worldwide, have been released internationally and been translated into several languages. 



A boy who was longing to discover the imaginary world that conquered his mind when his father was narrating “free-time stories” reaches the final destination after three decades, breaking frontiers, overcoming diverse hurdles, and thus making the journey an unique and colourful experience.

“Footprints in Obscurity” is an impressive effort by the author in taking the reader on a real-time journey across twenty-nine African countries. It’s a story of endurance, perseverance and transformation meshed with contemporary African realities, encapsulated in twenty chapters dedicated to carefully selected themes based on the author`s first-hand experiences during half a decade of travels.

An unconventional revelation and a true story about Africa, the book also provides a profound psychological insight on how childhood dreams often shape one`s adult life.