Shue: It's About Time (Adventures in Time) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Mark Siet

Mark Siet
Imagination is an all encompassing experience.  It happens in the now and repeats itself over time.  The mind never stops inventing and reinventing.  I always ask why this or how do things work or what would happen if?  All of these questions generate the answers that you will find in  More...



Shue is a super hero. His special talent is time travel. His travels take him through the vast reaches of the beginning and the end of time. Now while Shue was growing up he also discovered that he had another talent. He could never lose and in fact became an expert at anything he ever attempted. This means that his exploits covered excellence in basketball, soccer and baseball to name a few. The world would soon find out that Shue succeeded at every task he was given including the ones he set out for himself. Shue’s ability to win was masterful. It was beyond conception that one person could be so adept at so many things. Life for Shue would have been ideal except for the fact that his lifelong study of time did have its issues. Ever since his Grandmother Amanda Kane introduced him to the “Unique Travelers Guide” his life was anything but smooth. Shue’s search for meaning drives towards a kind of self integration that can only take place over the entire continuum of time. In order to save the world which is something Shue does on a regular basis he must learn to master the time streams. No easy task when all you have is some passing advice from Grandmother and the Unique Travelers Guide, a sentient book that has an acerbic sense of humor. Shue must discover who he is in order to stabilize no only his own life but also as well the lives of countless others throughout the multi universes. We follow his exploits as he takes on too, the issues of the day such as healthcare, politicians, greed, and the food industry to name a few. While this is somewhat of a chronicle of his life story it is also an imaginative romp through time with a rollicking array of curious creatures that Shue meets along the way. The story is fast paced, inventive and has a humorous side that will delight you and take you by surprise. Enter SHUE. The world will never be the same. His abilities are legend. His excellence in every area is a given and his charm is irrepressible. World crisis, the end of the world, the fate of nations? SHUE handles it all. Healthcare, the Food industry, Banking, Politicians and fraud? SHUE has the solutions. SHUE the only pitcher to pitch five and a third perfect innings,no balls, all strikes and not a single batter fouls off a pitch. As a hitter he hits a colossal home run. In soccer he is unstoppable. Basketball doesn’t faze him. He never misses a shot Time is SHUE’s secret weapon whether it is the end of time or its beginning, SHUE is at its core making things right. Meet the enchanting beauty, Nuberia, the Mistress of Time and her reluctant assistants the Time Scrubbers, prairie dog like creatures that gobble up stolen moments.
 Travel back to Cain and Abel.
Travel ahead to the End of Time. There you find SHUE doing what he does best which is perfection by making the most of every moment. SHUE has a myriad of adventures. He is a man in search of himself and in search of his time.
 Meet the Unique Travelers Guide, a sentient book with an acerbic sense of humor that steers SHUE sometimes in the right direction. In this world of wonderful things SHUE carries out his missions with humor, a matter of fact personality and an attention to detail that is astonishing.