Portuguese: How To Learn Portuguese With Music - The Easy And Fun Way To Master Portuguese In Months

Portuguese: How To Learn Portuguese With Music - The Easy And Fun Way To Master Portuguese In Months

ABOUT Leonardo De Mello

Leonardo de Mello
I believe that all people have the ability to learn a new language in just a few months without spending five years in a classroom.My goal is to help as many people as I can to learn a second language in a fun and fast way, using the free resources that we can find on the internet.



Learn Portuguese 10X Faster!

I believe that learning Portuguese can be fun, enjoyable and fast.
If you want to learn Portuguese in months instead of waiting years, I can show you how.

In the book "How to Learn Portuguese With Music – The Easy and Fun Way to Master Portuguese in Months" you will learn:



How the Right Mindset Will Make Your Learning Much More Effective

Have you ever wondered why some people spend five years or more in a Portuguese course and cannot even speak the basics while others who have studied for less than one year have become fluent in Portuguese?

The mindset has a huge performance in your learning, and in this chapter is what you will learn.





What Are the Two Portuguese Stages and How They Work?

Do you know what input and output are? In this chapter you will learn the process that every Portuguese student must go through to reach the fluency in the language, and why most people who ignore this process cannot learn Portuguese.





Do You Know What is the Best Way to Study A Song?

In the chapter "How to Learn Portuguese With Music" you will learn step by step what to do and how you need to do to make your study efficient, and it brings fast results!





The Power of Goals: What They Can Do For You

Have you ever felt lost with your Portuguese learning? In this chapter, I tell how, by having one goal, I managed to go from zero to advanced in my second language in just four months.





The Best Way to Study A New Language

In the chapter "The Subconscious Mind”, you will learn the most efficient and fast way that will bring consistent results in your Portuguese learning. You will learn why learning Portuguese consciously only slows your progress and why your subconscious is your best friend to learn a new language.





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