Choose Your Poison: The Confessions Of A Stripper

Choose Your Poison: The Confessions Of A Stripper

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Terrie Branch



Choose Your Poison ( Confessions of a Stripper)

Meet Chrissy Burton or shall we say Krystle─── A young broke college student turned stripper in the engrossing novel “Choose Your Poison (Confessions of a Stripper).
Influenced by her peers, she soon drops out of school to bare it all for the love of money. How could she resist? It definitely paid the bills! Krystle made some decisions on her journey, that she would soon regret. Shockingly, her co-worker from her daytime gig reveals his attraction to her ──── clueless about her promiscuous ways. She has hopes that he would change his mind, after constant rejection, but he doesn’t give up…
From enticing the men that desired her to fulfilling some of their fantasies, Krystle is definitely the kind of woman that will demand your attention.
Will she ever change her ways?
Will she choose his poison?
Will she walk away from him?