Dumpster Dicing

Mystery & Thrillers, Humor, Christian Books

By Julie Cosgrove

Publisher : Prism Book Group/Pelican

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Julie Cosgrove



As Janie and Betsy Ann go for their morning jog, the city sanitation vehicle follows its normal five-mile Tuesday morning route through their retirement community of Sunset Acres. The two Bunco-playing biddies spot a leg dangling out of the dumpster when the truck lifts the trash container high in the air. Someone diced up one of their newest residents—a grouchy loner named Edwin Newman. Did he unpack too much of his dicey past when he moved in last weekend?

Sixty is the new forty. Not everyone with white hair has dementia. Meet three, active, sharp-witted and funny women who solve crimes in a retirement community- the Bunco Biddies. Dumpster Dicing is the first of three contracted cozy mysteries, with more in the works! Check out Baby Bunco (winter 2017) and Threes & Sixes (summer 2017).

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I love Julie B. Cosgrove's books. This one is a bit different than her usual ones, but it is delightful. Senior ladies do a bit of detective work and a whole lot of eating. I wished for the recipes to some of the dishes they brought to Bunco. They had such fun at their gatherings. I especially liked the relationship between Janie and her son-in-law, the detective. This hero patiently allowed Janie and friends to sleuth, but he also scolded her out of love. I can't imagine seeing body parts in a dumpster, but these ladies handled it well...almost as if they were used to such things. I guess when one gets to a certain age, one has seen a lot of the bizarre in life. I laughed out loud a few times. I kept wondering if Janie would discover who the lady was that left the ruby red lipstick on beer cans, but I suppose a lady of the evening should remain a secret, don't you? Who knows? Maybe she'll pop up in the next book. A sequel is in the works. Don't miss any of these cozy mysteries. Ms Cosgrove keeps us guessing.
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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This book is a change from the type of books that this author usually writes, and it is a delightful read. The combination of a murder mystery, some humor and a group of senior citizens living in a retirement center that are determined to solve the mystery results in a story that was a fun read and kept me reading from the first pages. There are surprises and twists in the story that certainly kept me guessing. This is the perfect read for a summer afternoon, and one that I definitely recommend. I am sure looking forward to the second book in the series.
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Senior citizens, Janie and Betsy Ann, never imagined they’d see a body tumbling out of the dumpster during their morning walk at the retirement village.

Determined to do a little sleuthing to help out Janie’s overworked son in law, Blake, chief detective of their small community, Janie and Betsy enlist the help of the Bunco Biddies.

This novel will make you smile, make you laugh, and shake your head at the antics of the senior set and their ability to solve the mystery just steps ahead of the police department.
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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
Julie Cosgrove had me at the series title: A Bunco Biddies Mystery...and I'm not really a mystery reader...but I AM a Bunco Biddy :) tee hee hee. This is a fun story you're sure to enjoy. I loved meeting the biddies and following their antics in helping the Texas law officers solve a murder in their once-quiet senior citizen community!