Henchgirl (Dakota Kekoa Book 1)

Henchgirl (Dakota Kekoa Book 1)

ABOUT Rita Stradling

Rita Stradling



The children of dragons and humans, the dracons, control eighty percent of the world’s governments. Humans worldwide are either subservient or prey. On the small vacation island of Mabi, humans call for war.

Sixteen year old Dakota Kekoa lives a double life. By day, she pretends to be a human to infiltrate Mabi Academy, a 'human's only' high-school. At night, she works as a henchman for her draconic mafia family, utilizing her ability to steal and manipulate emotions.

When Dakota’s human friend is kidnapped, she takes on the mission to find her. This is not just any mission though; she is diving head first into the escalating conflict between humans and dracons. As more girls disappear and some are discovered dead, Dakota realizes her first honorable mission may also be her last.

[As issues were noticed in the original kindle file, the novel was proofread by a professional editor. The edited version was uploaded on February 4, 2016 and is now live.]