A Man's Ultimate Guide to Answering Questions from your Wife or Girlfriend

A Man's Ultimate Guide to Answering Questions from your Wife or Girlfriend

ABOUT Robert Fearing

Robert Fearing



The authors, who happen to be cousins, just escaped from an insane asylum in Upstate New York and have been in hiding ever since. They immediately landed jobs at Subway, but found themselves arguing with the customers about the types of condiments the customers wanted on their sandwiches. They were eventually fired after working two hours. In order to survive they came up with several ideas, one of which, was to write a book. Once they agreed to write a book, they named it A Man’s Guide to Answering Questions from your Wife or Girlfriend. Since the cousins are virgins and have only experienced self-pleasure, they talked to men and women alike to find out the most pressing questions of our time. They wrote the entire book at a library in the downtown Los Angeles area. After weeks of crafting their questions, they began writing some of the most insane, incredulous, misogynistic, sexist, vulgar and repulsive answers their very sick minds could develop. This resulted in a shocking comedic novel that will kick the shit out of the comedic ceiling. Once they completed the novel, they sent a copy to the Pope. He read ten pages and was rushed to a local hospital. The cousins immediately knew that they had written something special that would withstand the test of time. The cousins offer a money back guarantee on this novel. If you read it and do not laugh out loud, pass out, have explosive diarrhea or vomit at least once, they will send you a check for 1 cent. Now who in their right minds would provide an offer like this? This novel is guaranteed to make you have seizures and question whether you have any ethics or morals whatsoever. It will become the Man’s version of the Bible. Enjoy. As a warning, the authors must inform you that all Men over the age of 18 must carry this novel with them at all times, either on their person or in their vehicle. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, any man caught without this novel could be deported to a third-world country. If you are smart, you have bought this book to keep from being thrown into the luggage area of a 747 on its way to Jakarta, Indonesia.