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Hi, thanks for viewing being a fan of all things Minoan the island of Crete and other Greek islands also Sicily have drawn me towards them during my holidays that involved research for my books on ancient history. My interest in the Minoans started at school a teacher who had visited the More...



Apollo the Sun god was the most Greek of the ancient deities of the Greek speaking world. His youthful appearance spirituality and vibrancy secured his position and promotion in the Greek world. Temple sites and oracle centres promoted his beliefs and spirituality promoted by his followers. Greek city states promoted their own city deities and looked to preserve their vice like grip over the city states they controlled and ruled. Apollo appealed to the individuals within the city states to believe in the spirituality and morality he represented. Politics and religions alone had created conflicts and war between the city states all fighting to advance and control the borderlands with their neighbours. Apollo through his oracle sites appealed to the individual citizens who formed the city states. His Soldiers used both the pen and the sword to establish and deliver Apollo's beliefs and thinking around the ancient Greek world. All would attend the sacred site of Delphi drawn towards the spiritual centre of the world to receive the sacred oracles of Apollo via his conduit the Pythia at Delphi. All these figures are found represented within Soldiers Of Apollo. All of his followers appear in the chapters of this book and they changed history by wielding the sword and pen protecting their beliefs in spirituality against the power of the city. state