Dangerous Calculations: Dangerous Series: Book 2

Dangerous Calculations: Dangerous Series: Book 2

ABOUT Erin Thornton

Erin Thornton
Erin Thornton for the past 13 years has been a mom first. Now with 6 kids she felt like she’d lost her own identity. She no longer had a first name and was always someone’s mom or her husband’s wife. It became very discouraging. Erin has been telling stories since she was a kid. Her More...



Trish Montgomery loves her job, as a financial advisor. She sees it as her freedom from her overbearing parents. She comes from money and was never intended to work. She hasn’t touched a penny of her trust fund since she came of age. This is her life and she wants to build it on her own merit. Given a chance at the biggest client of her life, Trish trades in her fun-loving lifestyle for late nights at the office and little time with her friends.

Brian Thomas, begins to worry about her. They had a chance once at a more friendly relationship and he ruined it. Now he would give anything to have a second chance. Only the more he tries the more she rejects him. Their playful banter creates so much tension you could cut it with a knife.

Trish’s case takes a turn for the weird and Brian gets wind of it. Using his contacts and detective skills he strives to get Trish out of any potential danger before things turn bloody.

Can Trish keep her personal secrets to herself with so many prying eyes around? Can Brian keep Trish out of any possible danger with a trigger-happy crime boss to contend with? Are the two of them destined to be thrown together by fate or can Trish take a page out of another playbook?