ABOUT Patty Civalleri

Patty Civalleri
As a historian and armchair archaeologist, I have traveled for 17 years to the deepest corners of our ancient past in search of lost civilizations all over the world. I have had the privilege of doing so with some of the top archaeologists and scientists in the world. Today, I enjoy the ho More...



This book will entice you to wander deep into the impenetrable city of Venice. Visit an ancient monastery. Wander into the Tombs of San Zaccaria. See where the Red Escalator goes. Get high with your camera. Stare into the eyes of a Gargoyle. Climb the Bovolo tower. Make perfume. Sip a Spritz. Fill your water bottle from a Campo well. Try baccalà. Learn to make glass. See an Opera. Above all, spread out and GET LOST!


"Venice is like a grand Easter Egg Hunt. There are hundreds of goodies all around you, but they are hard to recognize," said Patty Civalleri, multi-award-winning author of the new ways to see Italian cities. She will show you the gems that most tourists pass daily without ever knowing what they are missing. Civalleri takes you deep into the city and the illustrious past of "La Serenissima," the Serene Republic of Venice; the ONLY Republic in the history of the Western World that ruled for over 1,000 years!



How did they create islands in mushy marshlands in the lagoons of Veneto?
How did they stay in power for 1,000 years?
What is a Doge?
Why are there no cars, scooters (how un-Italian!), or bicycles in the city of Venice?



Tour the city based on your personal interests: Museums, Music, Boats, Art, Churches, etc.



No other travel book on the market will take you deeper into Venice in such an easy format. Nearly 500 images! Stories, tales, trivia, and did-you-knows. An easy-to-grasp depth of knowledge that guarantees that you will come away with the absolute best insight than you will get from any other single source.  After her last hit "FLORENCE Gems & Giants," Civalleri hits it out of the park with