HouseSitting in Australia: Big Adventures on a Tiny Budget

ABOUT Nikki Lentfer

Nikki Lentfer



Are you looking for free accommodation and cheap holidays? 

Nikki provides an inside view on what it is like to look after other people’s homes and pets, and along the way, offers advice for those considering house sitting.

In her engaging and often humorous writing style, she offers a peek into her new adventurous, carefree, and very low budget life as a travelling house sitter in Australia. She also tells her story of overcoming divorce, job loss, and the attention of a crazed internet stalker.

Learn how to get started as a house sitter, how to find housesitting roles, what people are looking for in a house sitter and how to apply for the best chance of success.

Read about ways to support yourself while travelling, and how to live on a tiny budget. Whether you are thinking of house sitting or considering a life change of another sort, let Nikki’s story inspire and motivate you.