ABOUT Achieng Ogolla

Achieng ogolla
i started writing at an early age by writing short motivational articles and sharing them with friends. books have always been my escape and writing my means of expression. ln the later years, i developed a niche for poetry. 


Have you ever questioned where you stand as a Christian, what the world thinks of you, and how you view yourself? From the Heart is a collection of poems that talk about image and identity as well as acknowledging the power of God in our lives.
Written through a period of time, it gives insight to the struggles of a Christian in day to day life. It contains poems that will inspire you, challenge you and help you get closer to God.
“Deep down I feel depressed
Maybe is because I have never progressed
Always I have regressed
But somehow I know I’m blessed”

This is a poetry book that was motivated by my daily life experiences and struggles.