Sauced up, Scarred and at Sleaze

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Gareth Clark McKay



"Chuck Palahniuk times ten." - Alex Swery, Author (

"Sauced up reminds me of Last Exit to Brooklyn, by Hubert Selby, Jr., one of my favorite transgressive fiction authors of all time. It’s got the same rawness to it, a feeling of vitality and life flowing underneath all the grit and slime. I totally loved it." - Lauren Sapala, Author (

Pull up your satire shorts, grab a bottle of your favourite sauce and take a plunge into the nihilistic world of G.C. McKay. You'll feel your fingers get grubbier with each flick of the page inside an anthology of deviant, yet at times touching and poignant short stories and novelettes.

"Sauced Up, Scarred and at Sleaze is a roller coaster ride through the dirtiest side of the people next door." - Anna Civolani, Writer (

Opening things up with 'Something Borrowed, Something Blue', a depressed, self-confessed drunk and sex-addicted late-teen discovers the joys of free cocaine and the sexual prowess of a married woman old enough to be his mother. A sin-a-rama that would make even Oedipus blush.
Self-destruction isn't supposed to feel this good, is it?

A few drinks down the road we take a turn into 'A Lesson Worth Unlearning', where a father and son bond over their mutual appreciation for teachers, pornography and the best places to masturbate during a mysterious trip out of town. But where on earth is Daddy taking his son?

"Be willing to take a trip through some pretty dark places and entertain some of the most perverse ideas committed to paper."

In 'Mother Nature Sends Her Love' and 'SQUIRM', a group of amoral, reckless teens run amok and fuck shit up just because they can inside a series of distasteful pranks and crude group games, inspired by the sexual frustration they're all governed by, yet totally unaware of. The perfect toilet reads.

And closing the collection off with a descent into the more horrific we come to 'The Last Laugh', where a sleep-deprived stand-up comedian attempts to shake off the aftermath of a destructive relationship... only to be immediately confronted by it again as he makes his long-awaited return to the stage. Cue tension, questionable narration and whole barrel of laughs, but at whose expense?

"I experienced a sentiment akin to the partaking of forbidden fruit." - review

"A disturbingly well-written collection of stories." - Linda, Book Reviewer

Book Blurb:

Snorting Lines in Search of Meaning. Threesomes. Webcams, Polyester Pellets and Banana Skins. A Teddy Bear and a Bottle of Deodorant. Father and Son Bondage. Laminated Low-Rent Porn Magazines. Barely Legal Prostitutes. A New Born Baby and a Runaway Dog. A Loose Woman Just a Little Too Willing. Camping, Digestive Biscuits and a BB Gun. Dangling Tampon Bell Chimes. Pranks with Pubic Hair. A Boy with Breasts. Unplugged Mics and Bloodstained Tissues. Pink Elephants and a Glass or Three of Martini.

Welcome to the nameless towns of faces best forgotten, if ever seen in the first place. Eight short stories/novelettes marinated in booze, peppered with profanity and garnished by masturbation—containing themes of a transgressive, nihilistic nature—all written, signed and sealed with a salacious kiss.

GC McKay would like you to consider this your warning.

I will reluctantly admit that many of the tales derive from my misspent youth, though you'd have to pay me to find out which ones.

"The thing about transgressive fiction that I think most people miss is that, when it’s done well, it’s funny. It’s horrifying, yes, but beyond that it is deeply and beautifully hilarious. G.C. McKay delivers the humor element in each of these stories incredibly well, whether it comes in the form of a father telling his son the delightfully convoluted (and sometimes disgusting) story of what happened when he found his first porno mag, or a comedian who is unceremoniously shoved into total insanity by his demonic ex-girlfriend. Also, even though each and every one of these stories contained unexpected gems that made me laugh, they also challenged me and made me think, which I appreciated as well." - Lauren Sapala, Author

"This book isn't for everybody. You've got to be willing to take a trip through some pretty dark places and entertain some of the most perverse ideas committed to paper completely free of moral judgement. These aren't the kind of stories I would feel comfortable reading in front of a crowd, but fiendishly lap them up in the dark of my bedroom under the blue glow of my phone next to my girlfriend's decaying body. Ha, just kidding..." - Alex Swery, Author