The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed

ABOUT T. R. Bosse

T. R. Bosse
~~While T.R. Bosse taught on the Trinity as a mystery for many years, everything changed after receiving a revelation in December 1999. A first book containing the revelation was published in 2003, but was soon taken out of print after realizing a vital detail relating to the Virgin Birth  More...



The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed provides full understanding and complete comprehension of the Trinity without the so-called mystery. The book uncovers illuminating details never before presented. The book gets into the heart of the matter to clear up how God became a man named Jesus, while the Father remained in heaven. God's love is vividly displayed after Adam sinned and we also see exactly how the Virgin Birth came to pass, plus the details it involved. It fulfills the age long quest to realize the most sought after mystery in the history of humanity. It answers any and every question ever asked about the Trinity and cannot be refuted by skeptics or non-believers.

Everything is evidenced and verified by biblically facts from both Old and New Testament Scripture passages. The book shows that the reason the Trinity could never become revealed before, was due to our modern advances in the health and science fields. These things were not available before the twentieth century and therefore it was impossible for the early Church fathers to have a full comprehension of the Trinity.

The book also reveals the answers to life's unrelenting questions: where, why, what and how. Where did I come from? Why am I here? What Is my purpose? Where do I go when I die, and how do I get there?

"The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed" provides the long sought after answers and covers everything necessary for the first time to fully understand and completely comprehend the Trinity.