WORLD WAR T: An Oral History of Trump's War on Good Taste

Politics & Current Affairs, Humor

By Zack Zagranis

Publisher : Self published

ABOUT Zack Zagranis

Zack Zagranis
Zack is a punk rock Jedi with a beard that burns brighter than Zeus's loins. His turn-ons include making people laugh, long walks on the beach, and mocking conservatives. His turn-offs include croissants (too flaky), The Big Bang Theory, and conservatives.



After several hours of interviews with those closest to Donald Trump, Zack Zagranis delivers an oral history of the 45th president unlike any ever written. Zagranis interrogates everyone from Trump’s private masseuse to the subterranean mutants living under Trump Tower to get answers to some of the most burning questions surrounding Donald Trump:
What is President Trump’s relationship with Russia?
Why does Trump love walls so much?
Why is the president orange?
What’s the deal with that hair?

From his love of water sports to his lack of lower body hair, WORLD WAR T spares none of the juicy details when it comes to President Trump’s public and private life. Sex, violence, … black magic? You won’t find this in Bob Woodward’s book!

Oh, and this book is a work of satire (but you probably figured that out).

In 2016 a racist, sexist, buffoon by the name of Donald Trump became president of the United States of America. Zack Zagranis took it upon himself to tell the story behind this Doritos colored buffoon (Nacho Cheese NOT Cool Ranch) in an effort to get a better understanding of his buffoonery. Sadly, all He got was tales of urine, Russia, Satanic rituals, and at least one gross misunderstanding of the way cartoons work.