What Is Love

ABOUT Black Barbie

Black Barbie
Author Black Barbie's, legal name is Ebony S. Wallace. Author Black Barbie is an Independent Self-Published Author, her first book was Published with Raquel William's Presents, titled "Schemin' On The Low," Author Black Barbie Resides In America.


Love could mean an abundance of different things for you and me. For me, love had meant dedicating my life to my husband, it had meant belittling myself as a woman.

I had thought that I had my life figured out, instead life had figured out itself for me. My name is Sassy, and I had to learn about love the hard way. I hadn't acknowledged anything while I was living, besides the love that I had held for my husband.

My spirits had begun to fill uplifting, as my life had started to change. Here I am, telling anyone who's willing to listen, all about my past, present, future and most importantly my husband James.