Morgan: The Family

General Fiction

By Sadie Beckenridge

Publisher : Archway Publishing

ABOUT Sadie Beckenridge

Sadie Beckenridge
I was raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania. I graduated from High School in 1991. I obtain my Associates Degree in Human Development and Family services and my Bachelors in Family and Child Services. I am familiar with the Human Services and Mental Health Programs. I internship a More...



While growing up during the chaotic 1960s, Morgan flourishes in her role as daddy's little girl. But as she enters puberty and her father begins to notice her in a different way, Morgan's path in life suddenly heads in a dark direction as she is forced to endure unimaginable abuse, shame, and heartache.

After Morgan finally manages to escape her personal nightmare, she marries and divorces several times while subconsciously adhering to a negative pattern that often places the men in her life ahead of her three children. Although Morgan loves her children, she is unable to protect or shelter them from her past. As she struggles to care for her family, Morgan is unaware of the things unfolding in front of her eyes. Will she ever be able to break the cycle of abuse or will she continue to harbor the dark secrets from her past?

Morgan: The Family is the poignant and heartbreaking story of one woman's journey through adversity and manipulation as she struggles to break free from the cycle of abuse, heal, and move forward into a brighter future.

The story behind my book is that everyone has disturbing family secrets that should be told even if it is in a fictional setting. They may help others to realize they are not alone and the cycle of abuse can be broken.