Coaching Made Easy: A Framework for Enhancing Performance

ABOUT Alonzo Johnson

Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D., is the Managing Partner of The OASYS Group, a talent management consulting company. He has held leadership positions in the military, higher education, and in the private business sector. Alonzo has over three decades of experience in talent management and human reso More...


Do you want to enhance your coaching skills? A number of coaching models are available to help structure coaching discussions. Coaching effectively requires a mindset—one that translates to certain behaviors.

In Coaching Made Easy, Dr. Alonzo Johnson provides a comprehensive yet straightforward framework that leaders can use to create the right coaching mindset. This framework is articulated as five elements that form an acronym that is easy to understand and apply: Communicate,  Open, Align, Collaborate and Harness.

The author engages and guides readers through the elements of the framework and associated behaviors by using examples from his own coaching experience, while interspersing relevant coaching concepts and models. Although the COACH framework can be scaled and used at any leadership level, this book is written in an easy-to-read format with easy-to-understand terms and coaching concepts.

Dr. Johnson offers three options for learning to use the COACH framework: 1) read the book from cover to cover, 2) read only the part that you need to enhance your knowledge, or 3) review any part of it as a reference. An end-of-section reflection activity is included for each element of the COACH framework. This activity provides an opportunity for readers to informally assess the degree to which they use the elements and supporting behaviors presented in the book.

For a more comprehensive evaluation, a companion COACH180 assessment is available. The instrument allows multiple raters (self and others) to measure a coach’s effectiveness by assessing the degree to which he or she uses behaviors related to each element of the COACH framework.

Coaching Made Easy and the COACH180 assessment present a simple, yet effective approach to increase your effectiveness as a coachmaking coaching easy.