ABOUT Brian Zondi

Brian Zondi
Brian Zondi is the founder of Kingdom Minded Church. He received revelation from God by continuous, daily reading of the word of God through the help of the Holy Spirit. Here is what Brian says about his mission:



Grace is The Truth is a breath-taking wisdom filled book and it induces one to truly fall in Love with a Gracious God. 

Grace is The Truth ushers the believer in Christ into God's truest nature:this amazing work of biblical art presents to you concise biblicalsound teachings about a Grace filled, God revealed through His Son Jesus Christ. 

Reading this book will not only astound your mind,but will also make you fall in love with reading the word. It is clearin simplicity, yet so profound in insight and will leave you with agreat desire of pursuing your Heavenly Father. 

After readingthis amazing work by Brian Zondi you are guaranteed to be renewed inyour understanding of Christianity. " Believe me it is not hard to be aChristian, actually the opposite is true." - Brian Zondi (Grace is TheTruth)

I dare you to get a copy for yourself and for your loved ones; you will surely be transformed!