Outsmart Your Exams: 31 Test-Taking Strategies & Exam Technique Secrets for TOP Grades At School & University (SAT, AP, GCSE, A Level, College, High School)

Outsmart Your Exams: 31 Test-Taking Strategies & Exam Technique Secrets for TOP Grades At School & University  (SAT, AP, GCSE, A Level, College, High School)

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William Wadsworth



What grades will you find in your envelope on results day?

Discover 31 test-taking strategies from the new science of recall and performance, to maximise your mark on exam day, and unleash your full grades potential! 

You want the results. Only the exams stand in your way.

Months, maybe years of work are behind you, and it's all going to come down to just a few hours in the exam hall.

What if there were some simple techniques you could apply that would maximise your chances of opening your envelope on results day to find the grade-card of your dreams?

Enter Outsmart Your Exams: your guide to performing in the exam hall like never before.

Most students don’t realise it, but there is a science to just about every aspect of performing on exam day: from the psychology of delivering under pressure, to techniques for maximising your memory recall. This is a universal toolbox of techniques, applying to the exams sat by millions of students in middle school and high school, right through to specialist exams on tough university courses or for prestigious professional qualifications.

Written by Cambridge University educated psychologist, learning scientist, supertutor and top 0.01% student (in UK exams) William Wadsworth, Outsmart Your Exams offers a unique guide to the art and science of winning more marks than you might have thought possible on exam day. William shines a lens on every component of a winning exam performance – from what to think about on your way to the exam to how you read and process questions – to give you an edge on your classmates at every single stage.

A robust set of strategies to increase your grades, and the best part, NO extra studying required!
So whether you’re sitting SATs, APs, GCSEs, A-Levels, or exams at college or university, give yourself the very best possible shot at success, as you learn how to:

•    Crush exam-week nerves with the ultimate “winner’s mindset”
•    Develop the ultimate exam-week master schedule to execute the perfect preparation routine, every day
•    Eliminate uncertainty with a bespoke gameplan for every paper
•    Keep mind and body match-fit and primed to perform
•    Maximise your score on longer essay-style questions with a rigorous approach to reading, choosing and decoding questions 
•    Wow the examiner by writing answers that exude “top student” status
•    Deploy smart tactics to win as many marks off the examiner as possible when the going gets tough
•    Take your memory recall to new levels with a procedure for digging those hard-to-remember facts out of your brain

Think you already know what it takes to pass your exams? Think again…

Outsmart Your Exams sifts through decades of scientific research, distils the experience of hundreds of superstar educators and high-achieving students, and throws in top tips from seasoned examiners themselves, to bring you the ultimate set of test-taking techniques to have you sailing through exam season like a pro.

Students around the world are reporting better grades with the help of Outsmart Your Exams. 

The only question now is: are you going to be one of them?