7 Days of Divine Information for the Mind, Body & Hair: Natural Hair Solutions

7 Days of Divine Information for the Mind, Body & Hair: Natural Hair Solutions

ABOUT Claudia Hamilton

Claudia Hamilton



Whether you do nothing with your hair, groom moderately or you are the fashionista who constantly cuts, dyes and bleaches your hair, this little book is for you. it is brimming with information about appropriate haircare! Understanding the science of your hair may cause you to reconsider some choices that you are making with regard to your hair. What might the condition of your hair be saying about your overall health? Regardless of race, ethnicity or hair type, did you know that your hair is like a mirror that reflects the condition of your mind, body and soul? Claudia Hamilton was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher, an IAT Certified Hair Practitioner, Trichology student, busy wife and mother of three girls. However, despite juggling so many roles, she had much success in exploring best practices for appropriate haircare. The world of Trichology is more than just a profession for her, it is a passion! Claudia's ultimate goals are to raise awareness about the causes of hair loss and to support women who struggle with anxiety and depression due to severe scalp disorders. She is confident that educating today's generation about appropriate haircare, will lead to future generations of healthy women who will no longer battle "hair esteem" issues. www.naturalhairsolutions.org