Shh! God Is Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I'm Listening

ABOUT Shearon Hurst

Shearon Hurst
For over 20 years, Minister Shearon Hurst has served the Lord, ministering his Word to those seeking to find comfort in and walk closer with Him. She has a servant’s heart, using His words to encourage, strengthen, and build others up while showing them how they can develop deeper, more  More...


God still speaks to us.

Often it is a quiet whisper, a gentle nudge, a hunch we seem to have. As we look back at our journeys, we notice the places where the Lord has spoken to us, guiding us and encouraging us to press on.

Maybe we haven't always listened to that "Still Small Voice," but He has been there the whole time, speaking words of encouragement to our spirits.

Inspired by the Lord to write this devotional during prayer and meditation time, Minister Shearon D. Hurst believes these messages will speak life to the “weary warriors," “the despondent pursuers," and those who want to know Him in a more intimate way.

These words from the Father’s heart will encourage and comfort you as you battle through the days when you trudge through the valleys of life.Words of encouragement, either written or spoken from the Lord, will inspire you to live a life most pleasing to the Lord. Let this devotional journal will become a source of inspiration and encouragement in your life every day.