Rome: Keys to the Ancient City (Travel Series)

Rome: Keys to the Ancient City (Travel Series)

ABOUT Patty Civalleri

Patty Civalleri
As a historian and armchair archaeologist, I have traveled for 17 years to the deepest corners of our ancient past in search of lost civilizations all over the world. I have had the privilege of doing so with some of the top archaeologists and scientists in the world. Today, I enjoy the ho More...


Going to Rome? Do it differently than the mass tourists. Patty Civalleri shows you how to visit the capital of Italy while avoiding the crowds, staying cool, and getting to know its true heart. If you have been to Rome before, Patty will take you deeper by showing you hundreds of other sites that were left behind by the Romans. Most guides focus only on 6 or 7 sites, but Patty has discovered hundreds of exciting, compelling, photographically rich sites that are not talked about by most guides.

Do more than eat and drink your way through Rome. While other tourists are battling the mobs and the heat, you will:
~ Walk freely through an ancient shopping mall
~ Don a hard hat and descend into Nero's Golden Palace
~ Put your hand in the Mouth of Truth
~ Explore the ancient Sports Arena UNDER Piazza Navona
~ Discover where to cool off, get refreshed and avoid the crowds in the Getting High section
~ Visit an erotically beautiful sculpture in a gem of a church
~ Seek out the Monster near the Spanish Steps
~ Discover incredible Day Trips during your stay in Rome
~ Find the neighborhood where Dr. Seuss could have lived
~ and so much more!

This is the only book ever published for repeat visitors to Rome. You've already done 'tourist' Rome, now let Patty Civalleri take you deeper into the good, the bad, and the beautiful of Rome's past.