Invaluable: Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career

ABOUT Maya Grossman

Maya Grossman
Maya Grossman is the author of Invaluable: Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career. She is a marketing executive, a blogger, a speaker, a podcast host, and a career coach.



Do you have audacious career goals and no idea how to take the first step? 
Despite having earned a degree or two, have you found it hard to transition from theory to practice and make things happen in the "real world"? You are not alone! 

You were not provided with the proper toolkit to reach success--until now. In this engaging and practical book, marketing expert and career coach Maya Grossman uncovers the 10 skills that every professional needs to master, to evolve from a "typical" to an "invaluable" employee--the top talent every company wants to attract and retain. 
You will learn how to develop an owner's mindset, optimize for impact, become a master influencer, and create your own opportunities--to skyrocket your career. 

This book is a simple, step-by-step guide, infused with real life stories and actionable exercises, so you can easily learn and apply the 10 skills. 
Maya shares the tried-and-true strategies that helped her receive 10 promotions in 15 years, work for companies like Google and Microsoft, and become a VP-level executive.

If you want to accomplish more than you ever thought possible, this is the book you've been waiting for. It will help you position yourself at the top, deliver staggering results, future-proof your career, and get the job, promotion, or raise you want and deserve.