Identity: A Testimony of Transformation by God's Grace

ABOUT Peter Wamono

Peter Wamono
I was born and raised in Uganda, East Africa. My family was poor, we grew up wearing air-conditioned clothes.s I am a pastor/worship leader/music┬áproducer/song writer/businessman. I spent 7 years traveling the world with Watoto Choir to raise awareness and support for Uganda's AIDS orphan More...



This book is a true story of how a young man born in poverty, alcoholism and dysfunction in Uganda, East Africa, found God or was found by God and experienced transformation that brought about a 180-degree turn in his life. It is an honest story about the depth of depravity God called me out of, my brokenness, my weaknesses and failures, doubts, shortcomings, fears, losses, gains, successes and adventures. This book is a true tale of a life touched, revealed, exposed and transformed by the living God. I have been as honest as I can possibly be about things I worked so hard to hide about myself for a long time in order to keep up appearances. This book is a reveal of my journey to discovering God and unveiling me and my purpose, and I think it can help someone looking for their own meaning and purpose in life. It is not deep theology, just a true story of a life transformed. I think many people may find themselves somewhere in these pages at one point in their lives. I pray and hope in reading this that the reader will find the true freedom in Jesus that I have found and keep finding as I daily become the man God created me to be. The journey to your dreams and your purposes in this world is the journey to discovering yourself and discovering the one true God.