WE’RE ALL POTENTIAL PRISONERS: Comparable Business Development Lessons

ABOUT Thomas Sakala

Thomas Sakala
Thomas Mwakonkha Sakala grew up in Sikalongo, a rural missionary station located south-east of Choma, not far from the Zambezi escarpment north-west of Lake Kariba in Southern Province, Zambia. As a teen, Thomas often haunted the nearby foothills like a second home. In WE’RE ALL POTENTIA More...



Seven ‘bastards’ gang up on the author, savagely beat, stamp and brutalise him. He fights back but eventually gives in, and when they realise the swelling number of lookers-on, they manhandle him to a deserted room and continue to give it to him until the police ‘rescue’ him. In this memoir, the author tries to recreate the events, locales and conversations from his memories of them. Opening with the punch-up, all through to the arrest, police bond and the withdrawal of the charge against him.

The memoir also gives special attention to consumer rights and the cost of freedom and justice in Zambia as epitomised by the author’s misfortune. Each chapter concludes with some quick-witted BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and COMMUNICATION biased lessons that the author gleaned and or associates with the different experiences.

To best convey the story, WE’RE ALL POTENTIAL PRISONERS adopts a creative nonfiction slant by making the most of the events, rather than making something up. This helps maintain the memoir’s seal of authenticity.

The author anticipates that by sharing this slice of his life, he will be laying himself open for the benefit of others and that they will feel less alone in the world, once an experience they have been through is articulated. At the heart of it all, recounting how a mere steak pie incited beef and almost cost his rights and life helped him to not only heal wounds but also preserve a story that would otherwise be lost.

The experience that I underwent, the support that I received from family and friends, and the lessons I learned post-restoration. I see a lot of people finding comfort and learning from my ordeal.