ABOUT Sharon Irish

Sharon Irish
I am originally from the North West of England and am a keen fiction writer. I live with my husband and our two children. Hidden is my first novel and is book one in a three-part series. Previous work includes the 'laugh out loud' series of non-fiction books relating to parenting.


Sam hates her life. She dreams of turning eighteen and running away from everyone. She thinks that’s the only way to escape the voices she can't help hearing.

After the worst day of her life, during which she is tricked, chased, beaten, and captured, she is rescued by Nathan who shares her strange talent.

He takes her under his wing and shows her a different way, but can she trust him? She can’t hear his thoughts and he’s keeping secrets of his own.

He's been sent to the surface by his people - a forgotten race who have hidden underground for thousands of years, waiting for their chance to return.

Will Sam be able to change her life for the better?

Can Nathan stay loyal to his people but keep his new life on the surface?

Follow their journey in book one of the Hidden series.