Matters of Convenience

Matters of Convenience

ABOUT Roy Pickering

Roy Pickering
Roy Pickering was born on the idyllic island of St. Thomas and currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. His debut novel Patches of Grey is available for purchase on Amazon in print and digital formats. Roy's second novel Matters of Convenience is also on Amazon in paperb More...



Marshall yearns for Audrey but she sees a future with James. When her personal and professional plans veer off course, their relationships are shuffled. Can it work out with Marshall after he provides support at a critical juncture? Or is it doomed to fail when paths cross with James, secrets are revealed, and commitments are put to the test? Matters of Convenience examines the repercussions of unpredictable timing and rash solutions, asking if happiness results from choice, fate or serendipity.

In January 2023, the audio book edition of Matters of Convenience will be published - making this the first of Roy Pickering's books to be available in 3 formats - print, kindle and audio.