Attract It: A simply put guide on how to break the line between desire and reality


Tina P.R.
Tina P.R. is a multifaceted creative professional. Raised by a single mother with very low income, Tina's humble beginnings only strengthened her to achieve greatness, by overcoming multiple obstacles after living in no fewer than four countries and traveling the world. This multi-passio More...



Do you have dreams, goals, passions - but your daily life gets in the way? Have you read books about the law of attraction, but don’t believe it or don’t understand it? Want to learn and understand how to manifest your goals and the happiness you deserve, in a REAL and practical way? Introducing ATTRACT IT! A fascinating, Easy to read, Easy to understand guide, put in simple words, revealing how attraction and energy work, how to find your true desires and build a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Whatever it is you want - health, love, money, career - It’s only one book away. Get this powerful material TODAY and It will change your perception and the way you think! In the Attract It book, Tina reveals the principles that truly WORK, after reading dozens of self-help books and practicing countless methods for success and happiness. Get introduced to the powerful attraction triangle formula: Set - Believe - Act. Learn how to determine what you want, dig deep inside your subconscious mind to reveal your TRUE desires. Discover how to increase your self esteem and believe in yourself and in the process! Develop a plan to achieve any dream that you may have, by stretching your comfort zone and taking action! Packed with practical assignments, studies and amazing true stories - this material is going to set you on the right way to achieve the life you deserve!