The View from a One-Man World; The Way I See It


By J.S. Buckingham

Publisher : PublishAmerica

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J.S. Buckingham
I was born the youngest of eleven children and raised in Southeast lower Michigan, where I still live. I am the author of The View from a One-Man World, my book of observations of society and human behavior. I enjoy drawing, listening to and playing music, bicycling, camping, hockey and of More...


Rising from the smoldering quagmire of political correctness overload, author and underpaid social analyst J.S.Buckingham arrives on the scene to deliver his no-holds-barred assessment of society at large. With intelligent humor, dry wit and biting sarcasm, Buckingham unleashes his observational assault on every subjuect from politics to cell phone abuse and virtually everything in between. Nothing is safe from his no-frills style of scrutiny. For those faint of heart or thin of skin, this may not be the book for you-but it should be. Read and be educated!
Not for the faint of heart but very very funny, June 5, 2009In this review, you will get my full opinion on this book, both the good and the bad. The Becky's and the Kipps had me ROLLING! Genius! LOVED IT. On the other hand, the Redneck chapter, ummmmm did I like it? Not so much. I don't consider myself a redneck but I felt that chapter just repeated every redneck stereotype out there. If enjoying Nascar racing (Little E all the way baby! Shut up, he will make his comeback soon) country music and Lynard Skynard make a redneck, then I would have to say that yes, I am a redneck and proud of it. Sorry J.S. that just had to be said my friend!

I found myself laughing so hard at certain points such as "music stopped belonging to young people a lot time ago." I remember my parents saying the same thing to me when I was younger and now, here I sit saying the same thing to my children.
Brace yourselves everybody, rumor has it that there is a sequel of this book in the works. I do wholeheartedly agree that the more people try to differentiate themselves from others, they are in all actuality making themselves just like everyone else.

Again I must disagree with the U Aren't working bit. No further explanation is necessary, you have to buy the book and read it to understand. But on the other hand the My Personal Soapbox section I do agree with, there is only so much this country can handle before it buckles from the pressure.

This book is one mans very colorful view of the world. Entertaining, controversial, debatable are all words that can describe this book. Some might say that J.S has a sarcastic, cutting, snide outlook on life but even though my thoughts may not mirror his, I do have to admit, some of the comments stated are things I have thought over many, many times and just felt too politically correct to say anything about. So balancing the good with the bad, I would really have to say that yes, I would recommend this book to those who aren't easily pissed off, have a sarcastic sense of humor and who have an open mind. Remember this is only one man's opinion and because we happen to be live in America, it is his right to print what he feels needs to be said. Some excellent points were made throughout the book as you will find but if you are easily offended, then no, don't pick up the book, you won't like what you read. I think we should all have enough guts to defend our own opinions as this book has plainly done. I read on J.S's webpage where someone said "So much hate, I had to read it twice." I had to laugh! Pick up the book, judge for yourself.
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5.0 out of 5 starsHilarious, May 22, 2009
J.S. Buckingham should be either be voted in as President or as the Last Comic Standing. This book is hilarious, witty, candid, and did I mention hilarious? A must read for anybody who is fed up with our country's system, or for anybody who just needs a good healthy laugh. Just remember, there is a lot of adult language, so if you are easily offended, beware. A really fun read written with a refreshing glance on the woes of dysfunctional human beings everywhere. 5 stars.