"Everything In Time"

General Fiction

By L R McGhee

Publisher : Iuniverse


L R McGhee
Hello everyone my name is LR Mcghee, known to some as Lboogy. I'd like to introduce you to my first self-published novel, "Everything in Time" on IUniverse.com and soon available everywhere. Please visit my webpage at www.fliplip.weebly.com .



If you want to tell your haters thank you for a job well done, Syndi Talbert is your girl and this is the novel to take 'em to.

Desperate for approval from her critical, negative parents, Sydni Talbert is on a mission to become successful and to marry a “Contract Man”. With her sights set on her college sweetheart turned pro athlete, Sydni finds herself abandoned, raped and involved in a murder case and what’s worse, she’s pregnant-with twins! That’s when the real drama begins. Refusing to play the hand life has dealt her, Sydni reshuffles the deck and with an open hand slap, she hits her haters hard with reality, while holding on tight to her trump card until…