Family & Relationships

By Rose Lamatt

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Rose Lamatt

Rose Lamatt
I'm an easy going person, one who needs very little. A roof over my head and a meal each day. My passion is to write. This is what gets me up each morning and gives me the desire to go on. What a wonderful thing this written word, what we learn of ourselves in writing it. Try it and get t More...



Rose felt she was dying. Never had she been so depressed after putting her dear friend in a nursing home. Never had she felt so disconnected from life.

With the stroke of a computer key, she finds herself on the Internet in a chat room. She watches words of happiness typed by others, thinking, should she join in?


After much fear, and indecisiveness, she clicks the instant message key, finding she’s not alone after all. Other women are dressed looking for comfort and a word of hope. She begins her new life, a life of online chat rooms, a different way of meeting people. She listens to others points of view on life. But in the end she makes a decision that will change her life for the rest of her time on earth. What she does will surprise even the most knowledgeable reader.



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