SInbad's Wife

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, General Fiction

By Toni Sweeney

Publisher : Double Dragon Publishing

ABOUT Toni Sweeney

Toni Sweeney
I write mostly sci-fi and fantasy, with an occasional sidestep into horror and westerns.  Thus far, I have 8 novels published as well as many short stories online at Amazon Shorts and in magazines.


Threat of imminent arrest by the Federation puts a damper on Sinbad and Andi's wedding.
Sinbad’s Wife is an unconventional tale of adventure and danger about a woman’s struggle to save the man she loves, even if it means making tough choices that go against the grain. Though I found her choices to be somewhat disturbing, I had to ask myself if I would do the same thing in her situation. How far would you go to save the man you love?

Ms. Sweeney always creates stories that are thrown miles outside the box, and Sinbad’s Wife is no exception. Imagine an Amish-like community that’s set far into the future, on a distant planet, where most people aren’t entirely human. Throw in a family drama edged with perilous excursions, and you have yourself a grand escapade.

Though you might find yourself judging the choices that Andrea makes, perhaps even disliking her a little in the process, I can still guarantee that Sinbad’s Wife is unlike anything you’ve read before. After reading it, you’re going to want to pick up the next book to see what adventures Sinbad gets mixed up in next. I know I will.

--Margaret Marr
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