The Well of Despair

Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult

By Glenn Stuart

Publisher : See web site

ABOUT Glenn Stuart

Glenn Stuart
I live and work in the mountains of southern Spain, creating my works of mystery, horror and suspence. Mostly I write for young adults. My latest book, 'Cold Hell in Darley Dene', of which there is an extract here, is now published by Black Leaf Books and is available on The More...


‘…as he looked in the glass he could still see the figure. He frowned. Yes, it was definitely the same figure, but now…

His heart almost stopped and tiny beads of cold sweat began to break out across his forehead.

The figure he could see was no longer standing at the top of the path.

What he could see was a reflection.

The figure, dressed in its coarse brown habit with its face hidden by the deep folds of its hood, was standing behind him, in his room!’


When twelve-year-old Robbie moves to his new home, he soon begins to explore the surroundings. He and his friends uncover the long forgotten remains of a Dark Age priory. In so doing, they unearth not only some crumbling stones, but an ancient evil, re-awakened and intent on regaining the hidden secret from the Well of Despair.