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Steve Lorenzo is an Internet marketer addicted to copywriting, Internet & Affiliate Marketing, currently running an offline business while online involved in a Software & Internet services Company.

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A Detailed LinkedIn Tutorial

I Was Legendary Even Before I Knew -- Here's How I Tried Not To Be That! At the beginning of 2009 I remember I was trying hard to find a way to brand my business and my name on the Internet and somehow to fill up the first page of Google results for a "Steve Lorenzo" search with my own profile there. Let me tell you why, very briefly. You see, Steve Lorenzo is my pen name or scene name for the Internet. Being a non-native English Language user, I figured so much as to keep my pen name a little bit spicy while obviously foreign; however, still much easier for the native speakers to pronounce and why not, memorize it, as opposed to my real one. So I picked up (stupidly) without a prior research, my Steve Lorenzo nick... Only to find out that on Google, the first page was full of the same name, but not my profile, of course. It was the name of a feared and gruesome character, a serial killer and rapist born in Brooklyn, NY. Now, imagine my horror at the sight of that page? I did a lot of things to be able to erase that presence and one of the best ways was to build profiles with high exposure on the social networks, such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. While all did their job well, I found that LinkedIn is very powerful and different than all the others. It is not a social network. It is a professional network. This book was born from my desire to share with you all the fine insights, tips and tricks that can make the difference for you. Instead of just having it there, your profile will start working for you, selling your brand, your image. I really hope it will help you at least as much as it helped me. Go check on google for my name. I'm still working on this, but I am far, far better now. Curious how I did it? I've 'leaked' a chapter or two for you here... Well... enjoy your reading!

I have been a Linked user for about 2 years. In that short period, I’ve accumulated 939 connections; belong to 50 groups (5 of which I own). 

Yet my climb up the LinkedIn Mountain would have been much easier, had I the Steve Lorenzo LinkedIn climbing guide - starting out. 

It’s simple; carefully crafted – perfectly suited to the beginning LinkedIn user.  I could have siphoned months off the learning curb – especially with the easy to understand diagrams and charts, scattered throughout the guide.

Randy Kemp