Kickshaw Candies

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Roxan Murray

Publisher : R.K. Finnell-Murray

Kickshaw Candies

ABOUT Roxan Murray

Roxan Murray
Known among my writing friends as "The Queen of the Grue" I'm always looking for the different kind of fantasy outside the norms of what one usually reads.


The town of Baile seems to be just a small town with ordinary people until Teagan O’Brien opens an unusual candy shop. Something ancient and buried begins to awaken in the people when they consume his sweets. They remember a life they had long ago left behind becoming their true selves, and a maleficence awakens that had been locked away in forgotten memories. Out of those memories comes the truth of what brought them to the world of humans and the path back to the place they call home. The path to their salvation depends on three of their human-born children, who are thrust into a future of uncertainty as each one discovers the truth behind the people of Baile and the secrets locked within their own bodies and Only these three have the ability to overcome the evil that threatens to corrupt and dominate every living creature, to save not only their kind, but humanity itself.

Kickshaw Candies began as a short story and grew over time to become my first novel. The characters wrote most of the stories and I have to give them much of the credit. I was tired of copy cat fantasy that used the same tired characters, so I wrote a different fantasy.

KICKSHAW CANDIES is like being a six-year-old and walking into the most wonderful candy store you have ever seen. You will read this book with that kind of wonderment as you discover all the mysteries hidden beneath the endearing characters and stories that Finnell’s imagination has so cleverly spawned.

In a world seemingly like our own, Kickshaw Candies opens its doors. As each new story and character is introduced, the tale becomes more mysterious and mystical; for the people who live here and the histories they share go far beyond typical human days. The story unwraps quickly at a can’t-quite-put-this-book-down pace, and we soon realize that while this little candy shop exists in our typical world, there is nothing typical about it or its owners at all.

From page one of this story, it may seem impossible that the fantasy would ever connect with reality, but Finnell does an amazing job of drawing you into the lives and minds of peoples with special powers, ancient grudges, and future callings. There are moments of bliss, moments of terror, and moments of triumph nestled in a well-written, imaginative story that readers will find as tasty and addictive as the corner candy shop. Autumn Conley, Book editor