Conversation with Self: Embrace Yourself

ABOUT Natalia Karl Tomson

Natalia Karl Tomson
A word from the author   Dear Reader,  Personally, I never read introductions. I usually skip right away to the “real stuff”. This is why this one is short and brief and if you feel like skipping it – go ahead. We live a materialistic life that is driven by reason All of us se More...


The first book in the series that provide bite-sized pieces of wisdom to ordinary people to fuel their personal development by:

"awakening their sense of identity,
inspiring love and compassion, and
enabling joy and wonder of life
by evoking a deeper sense of connection
with themselves and the universe around them."

Research shows that happy people live longer, and yet many of us find it a struggle to live a happy life. The main cause of this struggle is that we forget that the most important relationship there ever was, is the one we have with ourselves. We do not examine our core values that lead our thinking and actions, nor understand that others' view of us springs from their own experience, an experience no one else can validate.

Each book is focused on one segment of life and each chapter is designed to take the reader through a process of becoming more aware of themselves. Plain language coupled with simple examples of real life stories, provokes the reader to ponder the origin of their own reasons and make them seek to understand their motivation for action or the lack of one. The reader will be inspired to look deep within themselves for the reasons they carry excess weight, drink too much, do not like someone, want to be in relationship with a particular person, struggle at work or conversely, become a work addict...

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain. (author unknown )

Everyone experiences chaos and adversity as a normal part of existence, but most people try to hide from or to resist these experiences, instead of simply accepting and dealing with the problems as they are. Experience is the ultimate wisdom. Knowledge alone cannot facilitate understanding of emotion. When people feel that they are backed into a corner, when they want to feel better but have no idea which way will be better – this is the book series they will reach for.