Here Be Dragons

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Howard Burman


An historical novel set in surrounded Switzerland during WW II.
Readers Comments

I have always had a love of history and majored in it in college. Later, as a Marine, we studied many of the battles in all of our wars, but especially WW2. The narrative in this book makes this interesting aspect of the war practically come to life before your eyes. The battles in Europe have so much drama, which is probably why Hollywood has made so many movies on the subject. This is a very interesting book and not only for the history buff. Because this time in history is so important to our own country, it is imperative that we keep these memories alive – if only to avoid another world war.
Tim Webster - Marana, AZ

Many people refer to themselves as “Switzerland” when they wish to remain neutral in an altercation or argument. But how many really know or understand the world events that found this little country surrounded by the Axis armies and how they survived World War II and became the neutral country that we know today? This is a very interesting novel that takes you right into the midst of what was happening and how Switzerland’s small army, led by a single general, dealt with the mass genocide that was all around them. Once the title’s meaning is explained, it becomes clear that this book couldn’t be called anything else. I recommend it very highly.
Leigh Webster - Marana, AZ

"Here Be Dragons" is the perfect title for this book. War is never pleasant, and sometimes requires more of us than we think we can give. Stories about war can easily turn to the maudlin or turn into an overly gung-ho shoot-em-up type of tale. This book is a wonderful tale of Switzerland during World War II. This book will sucker you in and keep you bound tight to the story from the first page to the last. I highly recommend it to war, history, and great story buffs alike!
Laura Patrick - Statesboro, NC

I’ll be the first to admit, books about war are not usually my cup of tea. However a friend introduced me to "Here Be Dragons" and I could not put it down. I found myself excited when I knew I would have some time to read more of it. The author describes things wonderfully. I felt like I was right among them waiting to find out what was going to happen next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a love of history, or even if you do not you will not be disappointed.
Heather Shockney - Greensboro, PA

Howard Burman has created a story that has changed my outlook on war stories. Never having been a fan of war stories or history tales in the past, I decided I’d give this one a chance. I’m glad I did. "Here Be Dragons" kept me at the edge of my seat, eagerly reading through each page until, before. I knew it, I’d reached the end. It is a very exciting, quick read! This book was definitely not the drab war story I expected. It’s an excellent tale and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Faith Eversole - Richmond, IN

"Here Be Dragons" has a story line that normally doesn’t catch my interest, but the title alone drew me towards the book. Then as I began to read, I got caught up in the story and wanted to continue to the end. The descriptive qualities and conversational style are great! It is easy to understand what the author has to say throughout the story. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks a war story is boring, because “Here Be Dragons” is definitely NOT and will quickly prove itself as worthy of attention.
Shawnee Bowlin - Atlanta, TX

On the brink of doom when it looks as if only a miracle will save Switzerland. The struggle begins with only 4 million Swiss soon to be invaded by 20 million Nazis. This book is so precisely written that it is nothing short of captivating. Normally, I am not drawn to books of this type but I was compelled to read it anyways and I am so glad that I did.
Cheryl Hinneberg - Roseville, MI