What Mother Never Told Me

General Fiction

By Donna Hill

Publisher : Harlequin

ABOUT Donna Hill

donna hill
I am a multi-published author with more than 50 published titles in print.  My stories span romance, women's fiction, light erotica, mystery and paranormal.  I make my home in Brooklyn, NY.



What Mother Never Told Me is an unforgettable story about the power of our pasts to define us--and sometimes hold us back.  It is a novel about abiding love and hidden truths, about family bonds that may be tested but never truly broken, about the lies that tear us apart--and the friendships that can make us whole again.

It took me ten years to finally write this follow-up to RHYTHMS. I do hope that the wait will be worth it for the readers.

By C. Trahan "Denise T." (Houston, TX) - See all my reviews
What a great twist for a reality show contestant. The book definitely made me want to have a romantic getaway to Antigua and visit the sites the characters visited. A very interesting love story. I couldnt put it down until I knew who would be the winner on the show. I could not decide which character i was pulling for to win, I only knew I wanted the two of them to get together. I was never certain how Donna would pull it off, but as usual her ending was wonderful for both characters...and for her readers. What a twist of fate!