The Judas Cup

General Fiction

By Shaun Ivory

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Shaun Ivory

Shaun Ivory
Shaun Ivory's writing career was kicked off by a one guinea postal order fee from Al Read, the Manchester radio and TV comedian. Moderate success followed with short stories, articles, speeches, gags, odes, poems, and in 1976 he collaborated on a TV episode of The Sweeney (sadly never film More...



A frightening experience on top of a tumulus for two occult ritual in a nearby church that goes terribly wrong...a young journalist on an apparently routine assignment...this page-turning thriller combines the supernatural with romance, danger and an exciting quest.


WOULD YOU RISK ETERNAL DAMNATION? Almost 2000 years ago, Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ for thirty pieces of silver. Over the centuries that silver has been melted down and wrought into satanic instruments, most recently a chalice, the Judas Cup. This unholy grail, which has been sought by many, fought over - even held in the Vatican vaults for a time - is once again up for grabs, and there’s a desperate race to find it. Jake Ransome, fledgling reporter, is investigating several mysterious deaths, all linked to an occult ritual gone terribly wrong, and a church that will soon disappear forever in a flooded valley. How is the beautiful but enigmatic heiress involved? Why is her multimillionaire mentor so intent on getting her back? As dramatic events unfold only Jake stands as her shield before such a powerful and ruthless man. For Sir Nicholas Brookes it’s a quest that can have only one ending. Already in a pact with the Vatican, he must now dance with the Devil...for the highest stakes of all.