When the Sky Fell

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Mike Lynch

Publisher : Silver Leaf Books

ABOUT Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch
Mike currently resides in the Bay Area with his wife and two children.  He graduated from San Jose State University in 1986 and San Jose Christian College in 1994.  Mike has written, Dublin, a book chronicling the history of Dublin, CA.  In May 2009, Mike's first novel, When the Sky F More...


Since the dawn of time, an ancient evil has sought complete and unquestioned dominion over the galaxy, and they have found...us.


The year is 2217 and a fleet of stellar cruisers led by Commander Frank Yamane has amassed at Mars to make a stand against humanity’s greatest threat, the Deravan armada.  Outnumbered, outclassed, and outgunned, Yamane’s plan to stop them fails, leaving all of Earth at the mercy of an enemy that has shown them none.


Faced with the planet’s imminent destruction, Commander Yamane has no choice but to seek the help of the Antarans, an alien civilization he had defeated in a war a decade before. Though they have every reason not to come to Earth’s rescue, Yamane sets forth on a desperate journey to the Antaran home world, knowing that the survival of mankind is hanging by a thread.


Follow the adventures of Commander Frank Yamane and his crew as they struggle to determine whether this will be Earth’s finest hour, or the destruction of us all.

"An engaging sci-fi blend of military and politics."
--Mike Resnick
, Hugo and Nebula award winning author

"What a promising first novel from Lynch and Barr--exciting space battles, convincing characters we can care about, sense of wonder and real heart. If only the space opera I grew up with had been this human."
Bruce McAllister, 2007 Hugo award nominee and author of Dream Baby

"In war, things can go wrong, and people will react well, or badly. Such is the case in this action-filled, page-turning, epic space battle for the survival of planet Earth. Hang on to your seats!"
--James C. Glass, Author of the Shanji Trilogy

"Exuberant space opera in the style of the golden age of sci fi."
--Michael Z. Williamson, Author of Freehold

"Fast-paced novel for fans of military science fiction"
Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula award winning author 

"Compelling heros, interesting allies, dastardly villains, wonderful pacing, and lovely descriptions of night skies glimpsed on distant planets. If you love 23rd-century space adventures, When the Sky Fell is for you."

--Kris Stoever, Author of, For Spacious Skies, and daughter of Mercury Astronaut, Scott Carpenter Author of, For Spacious Skies, and daughter of Mercury Astronaut, Scott Carpenter