The Sentiments and other stories Preview Edition

General Fiction

By Charles Dickey

Publisher : Leftunder Books

ABOUT Charles Dickey

Charles Dickey


A small collection of horror and fantasy short stories by Charles Dickey. In the morally ambiguous title story, a teenager comes to terms with his troubled emotions and the peculiar way they manifest as lesions on his body. The collection as a whole centers around themes of isolation from nature and community. An expanded, illustrated print edition of this book will be available for purchase on February 4th, 2010.

These short stories are the distilled subjective experiences of an idealistic young man. The experiences were placed in a pressure cooker which was tossed into a rabbit hole and allowed to simmer for too long. Eventually they escaped in a slow trickle. While they think themselves precious, they also have been known to make grown men spontaneously combust. Watch yourself.