Reflections-The Chronicles of a Man Scorned

General Fiction

By Brandon Hall

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall
Brandon J. Hall was born October 11, 1981 in Detroit Michigan.  As a child he developed a passion for art.     Be it poetry, drawing, sculpting, writing, or painting, Brandon was enthusiastic about it all.  At Gabriel Richard Elementary School, he was awarded the honor of More...


Kyle Reed is a young man struggling to cope with the recent changes made in his life.  He thought he had the world in the family he'd created with his wife, Angel.  He thought that nothing could come between the bond that they shared, yet she sent him through trials that were too heavy for the heart to bear.
As a columnist, Kyle had an outlet to vent his frustrations about the world that's changing around him.  More importantly, the world that has changed in his home.  When Kyle tries to move forward with his life and settle on single parent life, he takes a journey of self-discovery.  That path leads him to reflect on the past eight months that have led him to this point today.  Drama follows Kyle at every turn.  If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then what does that say of a man scorned?