Sea Witch

General Fiction

By Helen Hollick

Publisher : Discovered Authors UK

Sea Witch

ABOUT Helen Hollick

Helen Hollick
Do you like novels about Pirates? Then this be the place for 'ee!  I am Helen Hollick author of the Sea Witch Series, starring that charmer of a rogue Cpt Jesamiah Acorne.

Come aboard and enjoy his exciting adventures!

The Sea Witch Series - adventure fantasy for gro More...



The First Voyage of Captain Jesamiah Acorne.

Jesamiah Acorne has been a pirate, roaming the Spanish Main and the African coast for ten years. Given the chance of having his own ship will he take it - or will he turn honest and remain ashore with the girl he has fallen for? A girl who happens to be a White Witch!

Full to the scuppers with action and adventure!

The Time: The Golden Age of Piracy - 1716. The Place: The Pirate Round - from the South African Coast to the sun drenched Islands of the Caribbean.