Hostage of Lies by Maxine Thompson

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By Maxine Thompson

Publisher : Urban Books

Hostage of Lies by Maxine Thompson

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Maxine Thompson
Maxine Thompson is the author of the new novel, Hostage of Lies, Novels, The Ebony Tree,  No Pockets in a Shroud, Short Story Collection, A Place Called Home,  Anthologies' contributor, Proverbs for the People, Secret Lovers, All in the Family, Never Knew Love Like This Before, (Ebook, w More...




How important is the past?  For 40-year-old Titi, who’s always felt like an outsider in her own family, it’s vital. 


Titi has returned home for her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, but she’s not there with well wishes for the man who sent her away many years ago. She’s come looking for answers—about the child she was forced to give up for adoption and about her family’s secretive history.


Her mother does not want her snooping into family affairs that are better left in the past, but Titi is determined. She knows there must be some truth to the strange stories her beloved great-grandmother told her as a child, and now she’s not leaving until she learns the truth—even if it destroys her family in the process.




I used to work as a social worker and many stories went into this story. I also did a lot of research into the slavery family structure.

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November 19, 2009

This author touched based on so many aspects of this book. I know there will be people would will be able to relate. Excellent job!