Universal Fighter, unlimited time

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Antony Curtis

Publisher : blackleaf publishing

Universal Fighter, unlimited time

ABOUT Antony Curtis

antony curtis
A farmer’s son born in the heart of Gloucestershire, Antony Curtis was expected to follow the family tradition. Instead he enrolled in the Army in a tank regiment. From a young child he was “hooked on space” and would spend many hours peering at the galaxy through his beloved teles More...



When Michael Long decides to compete in a tournament involving a fight to the death in a battle to save the world, little does he realise what he is up against, nor to what extraordinary phenomena he is about to be exposed.

As he and girl friend Dawn are swept off by spaceship into outer space, he finds himself being intensively trained by the kindly Androids with whose aid, combined with the guidance and influence of his dead mother, ensure he battles his way into the finals of the “Fight for the Universe” Tournament. However, he has one exceedingly powerful adversary – the evil hominoid LT Gordon – who, with his supernatural powers, re-appears to continue to cause trouble and seek out to eliminate our protagonist, and so destroy the Planet Earth and begin a third World War.

Steeped in adventure where dangers abound at every corner, this wonderfully imaginative futuristic tale encompassing long lost voyagers, aliens, space and time-line travel, and vividly described combats, is a veritable feast of both galactic and earthly fiction for the modern reader.

With its inclusion of a beautiful love story and the arrival of new life, together with a goodly touch of homespun every day life and humour, this is a book into which one can escape and give full reign to the imagination.